Bratislava, 18 June 2024: More than 13,000 applicants are interested in studying at Comenius University Bratislava (CU) in 2024, nearly twice as many as the university can accept. This is the latest data from the admission procedure for the academic year 2024/2025, updated on 31 May 2024.

19. 06. 2024 09.14 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

In the last three years Comenius University has been attracting a relatively high number of applicants. This year the University received 13,267 applications for full-time Bachelor-level study and combined Bachelor and Master study (e.g., medicine, theology, speech therapy, pharmacy). This year’s planned capacity in these types of study is 7,643 places.

Naturally, different study programmes attract varying numbers of applicants. Potential students submitted the highest number of applications to the Faculty of Medicine (2,163), the Faculty of Arts (2,155) and the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine (1,543). These are faculties where demand traditionally exceeds supply by a factor of two or three.

"We are pleased that study at our university is so attractive, and that we can still select students even despite the demographic curve and the relatively large number of universities in Slovakia (let alone abroad). Our age offers young people endless opportunities, and it makes me particularly happy that they still choose our university." said CU’s rector Marek Števček.

Even though many study programmes receive more applications than they can satisfy, there are some for which the application process is still open.

Admission procedure for the first level or combined first and second levels (i.e., Bachelor level or a level that is not split into Bachelor and Master degrees) – programmes in English:

Faculty of Medicine: 22 July, 2024 – general medicine, dentistry

Faculty of Pharmacy: 31 July, 2024 – pharmacy

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine: 1 August, 2024 – general medicine

Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences: 15 August, 2024 – social and work psychology

Faculty of Law: 31 August, 2024 – law

Admission procedure for the second level of university study (Master degree after obtaining Bachelor degree) - programmes in English:

Faculty of Law: 31 August, 2024 – law

Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences: 15 August, 2024 – European studies