How to get to Bratislava

To reach Slovakia by plane, students can fly to M.R. Stefanik Bratislava International Airport which is situated only half an hour drive by bus from the centre of the town.

Another option is the Vienna International Airport which is located only 50km from Bratislava. You can take a shuttle bus line to Bratislava from there.

Shuttle buses from Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Schwechat) are organized by:

Our capital city is also connected by railways with the major cities of all neighboring countries ( as well as different European long distance buses.


All towns have a network of public transport. Bratislava’s network of public transportation consists of tram lines, trolleybus lines and bus lines and provides the cheapest and most convenient means of getting around.

Tickets are available in the ticket machines at the public transport stops and in some of the newspaper stands. 

You can buy a tourist one-week ticket or a monthly student ticket (based on student card or confirmation from your hosting Faculty) in different Ticket shops. We recommend the Public Transport Operator's Shop situated in the city centre on Hodžovo námestie (underground passage between Presidential Palace and Hotel Crowne Plaza).

Please note that ticket inspectors in public transport are strict. Immediately after entering the public transport vehicle you have to mark your ticket in the marking machine - the machines lock automatically 30 seconds after departure from the stop.

For more information about public transport see

More information can be found on ESN web page about transportation in Bratislava.