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Our ENLIGHT partner – the university of Göttingen is inviting students of Comenius university to participate in the following virtual seminars:

Online Seminar Food Supply Chain Management

The seminar looks at topics in the field of digitalization and decision support in food supply chains using different simulation models. The aim is the independent, research-oriented and reflected scientific treatment of topics of simulation as decision support tool for logistics in the food sector.

Registration possible until Nov 15th

Course dates: 15 Nov; 20 Dec 2021

6 ECTS (will be allocated as extra credits to the diploma transcript)

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Sustainable Development, Trade and Environmental Economics

Global environmental problems such as global warming have received great publicity in recent times. Since most of them have a transboundary nature, they can only be addressed effectively through international cooperation. We will discuss the use of trade policy as an instrument for achieving significant reductions in carbon emissions and also whether trade policies can be effectively used as enforcement mechanisms to support environmental cooperation. In addition, we will discuss the ongoing negotiations on climate change and the environment that, similar to the trade case, will cover an increasing scope of environmental issues in future rounds of negotiation.

Registration possible until Friday, 29 October 2021

Course dates: 4-5 February 2022

6 ECTS (will be allocated as extra credits to the diploma transcript)

More information on the seminar


Lecture "Tackling Climate Change: The Humanities Perspective“

Our ENLIGHT partner University of Göttingen is organizing the ENLIGHT lecture series. The topics in this fall's lecture series range from food & sustainability to the impact of climate change on migration. Our next ENLIGHT Lecture will take place on January, 12 at 6 pm CET. The topic is "Tackling Climate Change: The Humanities Perspective".

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