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ENLIGHT Lecture Series

ENLIGHT Lecture Series provide an opportunity for scientists and researchers from all over ENLIGHT to discuss together and with the general public different perspectives and approaches to tackle the 5 ENLIGHT flagship areas:

• Climate Change,

• Equity,

• Health & Well-being,

• Energy & Circular Economy,

• Digital Revolution & Impact of Digitization. 

All ENLIGHT Lecture Series are available on ENLIGHT youtube channel. 

Health & Digitalization - ENLIGHT online lecture

On February 8 at 3pm, this semesters’ third ENLIGHT lecture on “Health & Digitalization” will be hosted and livestreamed online.

As digitalization is steadily progressing, more and more areas of life get revolutionized by the new methods and opportunities it brings about. Health Care being one of these areas, this lecture takes a closer look on how digitalization impacts a variety of aspects such as health inequalities, mental health care or the documentation of patient records.

Where? online → youtube, ZOOM

When? 8.2.2023; 15:00

Online streaming will be available on ENLIGHT youtube channel and via the ZOOM platform → registration is available HERE.

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ENLIGHT Network Language and Intercultural Virtual Exchange

This course aims to help students develop their intercultural communication and collaboration skills.


The content of this course is learner driven. Working in intercultural dyads or triads, students will select and research one of 6 potential areas - Climate change and activism, Disability and accessibility, Diversity on screen,  Gender and education, Health and social media Sustainability and economy Science in society - in order to design and disseminate a social media campaign.

The social media campaigns prepared by students are shared on the social media platforms of participating institutions.

Learning outcomes

Students should…

• be able to discuss current social issues in a lingua franca context

• develop cultural sensitivity and awareness

• design and deliver a micro social media campaign


100% continuous assessment


Laüra Hoskins, Facilitators from language centres at the University of Bordeaux

How to apply


Applicants should submit a one-page cover letter and CV in English and send them by 10.2.2023 to the following e-mail addresses (please use both):, Extra-curricular activities and activities outside teaching are an important part of the selection criteria and should be mentioned in the CV. Please note that in the case of a large number of applications, we may additionally require a recommendation from the department and a grade point average.

Registration: via by 17/02/2023. Students will be informed of their group by 24/02/2023.


Funding: no funding, free online mobility

For more information visit:

Implementing virtual exchange at the University of Göttingen: Scenarios around Academic Writing in intercultural teams (Registration closed)

This virtual exchange offers students a possibility to strengthen their intercultural academic writing competencies. Students from at least three different universities and study programmes will work in a challenge-based teaching and learning environment, will form intercultural collaborative working and writing groups and will work on one of the ENLIGHT flagship challenges. Students will be presented with manageable challenges and reading materials. Based on their reading, the groups will try to come up with (of course, very small-scale and tentative) solutions for their challenge. In the next step, the groups will decide to write an academic text of their choice. Each group member brings in his*her perspective of the discipline he*she studies to enable a broad interdisciplinary discussion. With this method of collaborative and interdisciplinary teams the project follows the ENLIGHT ambition to empower students to become globally engaged citizens skilled in critical thinking.


Academic Writing - Intercultural Learning - Collaborative Writing - Writer's Groups

The group work will start with a virtual kick-off workshop in which participants get to know each other and their respective (disciplinary) cultures, form groups, engage in teambuilding exercises and will learn about rules and challenges of intercultural teamwork, constructive feedback and academic writing. at the end of the project, there will be a final virtual workshop in which participants present their results and reflect on the whole process of working collaboratively in an intercultural group.

how to apply

This course is eligible for all students (Ba., MA., PhD). Students from ENLIGHT partner universities are highly welcome to apply. Please, enclose your CV and a motivation letter at e-mail Deadline is 17th October 2022.

Funding: no funding, free online mobility

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Sustainable Development, Trade and Environmental Economics (Registration closed)

ilustrational image . students talking to each other in front of university

The seminar focuses on environmental economics in a globalized context within the framework of sustainable development. For this purpose, the seminar will cover different topics, starting from the sustainable development concept. The seminar will also explore, from an economic perspective, climate change as one of the main global environmental issues, considering the state of scientific evidence, energy implications and policies in climate change.


The course will consist of 3 blocks:

- Environment and development

- Environment and trade

- Environmental policies and regulation

More detailed information about the programme can be found at:


Learning outcomes

Global environmental problems such as global warming have received great publicity in recent times. Since most of them have a transboundary nature, they can only be addressed effectively through international cooperation. We will discuss the use of trade policy as an instrument for achieving significant reductions in carbon emissions and also whether trade policies can be effectively used as enforcement mechanisms to support environmental cooperation. In addition, we will discuss the ongoing negotiations on climate change and the environment that, similar to the trade case, will cover an increasing scope of environmental issues in future rounds of negotiation.


Written essay and oral presentation


Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso

How to apply

Registration via E-Mail ( before October 6th, first come first serve basis, completely digital seminar and learning experience in international teams.

Funding: Please note that this course requires a fee of 75 €

For more information visit:

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