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Researchers met in Uppsala to discuss topics on the theme Just Sustainable CIties.

researchers from ENLIGHT partner universities sit around a large table during the just sustainable cities workshop held in Uppsala, Sweden

On 16-17 Oct 2024, 20 teachers and researchers from ENLIGHT gathered in Uppsala, Sweden, to explore synergies and educational development opportunities within the thematic area of ‘A Just Sustainable City’. With the first day placing focus on joint learning and discussions around the participants’ respective research field, the second day explored new education formats being realized in the new ENLIGHT project period 2023-2027, and their implications for teaching and research on urban equity. 

Participating universities: Comenius University Ghent University University of Bordeaux University of Galway University of Tartu Uppsala University

University of Bordeaux: Welcome guide

The University of Bordeaux has prepared a handbook for incoming staff with a lot of useful information about the university and the city. You will find in it information about journey from the airport, public transport, accommodation and the campus (including a map). 

Welcome guide for incoming teaching and staff training mobility is available HERE. 

University in Uppsala is looking for teachers from Comenius University

University in Uppsala is still looking for ENLIGHT teacher contributions to the following courses:

Digital Water for Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities: Visions and challenges

Just Sustainable Cities: Perspectives from post-socialist Eurasia

More information about these courses can be found here: 

Contributions can be as little as giving one seminar or class online, to more in-depth collaboration 

Contact person: Björn Nystrom, project manager, 

ENLIGHT Lecture Series: Digital revolution and Impact of digitalization - call for lecturers

The University of Göttingen is looking for academic partners for ENLIGHT online lectures, which are intended for students, academics and the public.

The central theme of the current cycle is Digital revolution and Impact of digitalization.

Programme and topics of the lectures:

1) April 19, 3 pm CET, Artificial Intelligence: ethical aspects

Examples for inputs: AI & medicine, AI & decision making, ethical concerns around AI, future visions in literature and film

2) May 10, 3 pm CET, AI & its impact on teaching & learning

Examples for inputs: ChatGPT, Risks & potentials of AI in academia, AI technologies in education, practical use of AI in teaching, guidelines for educators, best practices

3) June 14, 3 pm CET, Smart Systems & Robotics

Examples for inputs: biomedical applications, Smart Environment: risks and challenges, Evolutionary Robotics, smart systems & industry, smart systems & mobility, smart systems & energy

4) July 12, 3 pm CET, Digital Revolution & Society

Examples for inputs: social transformation, digital economy, digital society, negative & positive effects, privacy issues, environmental impact

If you are interested in being part of the online lecture contact Dr. Aleksandra Bovt, 

Additional information:

• We work with zoom-webinar, each session will be livestreamed via YouTube.

• The inputs (10-15 minutes) should balance some basic information with advanced knowledge.

• The lecture consists of 3-4 inputs. The talks will be followed by a short discussion (around 15 minutes).

• In our experience, the lecture will be attended by students and researchers (not only from ENLIGHT universities).

• A meeting of all participants takes place approx. two weeks before the lecture.

For more information click HERE.


What ENLIGHT virtual exchange is all about

Smart Sustainable Cities - Joint Degree proposal

We would like to inform you about our cooperation in the creation of a joint Bachelor's programme on Smart Sustainable Cities.

Ana Blanco from the University of the Basque Country would like to start an interdisciplinary programme for the ENLIGHT Alliance partners.

The presentation with all the necessary information can be found here.

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact  (please include in the copy.)


The University of Groningen is looking for academic partners for the PLANETARY HEALTH programme, which is designed for ENLIGHT students.

Basic information about the programme

The extreme weather manifestations of climate change are increasing in intensity and frequency at a faster than predicted pace, all around the globe. This poses new challenges for researching the complex relationship between human and planetary health. What are the mid- and long-term consequences of climate change on human health, beyond catastrophic events? What are the strategies of climate change adaptation that people are adopting in different area of the world and their environmental impact and health consequences?

While these questions become central in many public health research contexts, the specific education in planetary health lags behind. The topic requires an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach, which is enriched by interculturalism and promotes critical thinking via horizontal (peer-to-peer) teaching. A recent research conducted among the students of the BSc in Global Responsibility and Leadership at Campus Fryslân suggested that a transdisciplinary approach to teach Planetary Health can be started as early as during the undergraduate programmes.

More information about programme can be found here

 How you can be part of the programme? 


1. Contribute mini-lectures on agreed topics within the course in Planetary Health from many disciplines (social science, environmental science, philosophy and humanities, STEM, medicine, etc.)

2. Develop and teach a 4.5 week mini-course (2.5 ECT) on any topic relevant to Planetary health

3. Give your availability to teach one or more skill labs for the applied component.

4. Suggest a contribution to any other teaching activity listed here


If you are interested in the programme, please contact Valentina Gallo directly ( and put Silvia Hlavinkova to the copy (

Information on the organisation of BIP mobility

All necessary information about the organisation of BIP mobility for UK teachers can be found HERE (Comenius University as a coordinator of a BIP).