ENLIGHT Neutral City Module

Interdisciplinary Study of the Climate Neutral City Module

A hybrid course (12 weeks online and one at Ghent University, Belgium) on development of a climate neutral city – a project-based learning

The EU increasingly works with missions for the large societal goals we want to achieve. An example of such a goal is the ambition to have 100 climate neutral cities by 2030. In this course we will use the city of Ghent as an example and study first the key drivers for this climate neutrality: why would we want this? What is a climate neutral city actually? Subsequently we will investigate interventions that can help in terms of energy consumption, water footprint, air quality, etc. The aim of the program is to integrate the legal, economic and societal drivers in one proposal for a climate neutral city.

Learning Outcomes

In this module you will:

  • Apply insights from different academic disciplines on problems related to climate adaptation and effective mitigation in the City of Ghent;
  • Explain and discuss diverse technologies and interventions at urban/city level to improve performance from a sustainability perspective;
  • Explain and discuss legal, economic and societal drivers and bottlenecks towards climate positive interventions;
  • Create a coherent proposal for a city-wide approach with an interdisciplinary and international team;
  • Present a proposal to stakeholders invested in energy transition within the City of Ghent;
  • Reflect on personal growth


In the development of this programme all nine ENLIGHT partner universities are involved. Five students from each of the nine partner universities can participate.

Course start: 17/02/2022; on campus week in Ghent: April 4-8, 2022

Credits: 5 ECTS

More information: Web page of the course; Course sheet; ENLIGHT project webpage

Financing: Interdisciplinary Study of the Climate Neutral City Module will be financed as an Erasmus student short-term mobility – each participant will receive 70 euros per day for the first 14 days and 50 euros per each consequent day from the 15th day of travel. There is a chance to use Green travel advantages – extra 50 euros plus 2 additional travel days.

Application requirements: prospective participants are Master students of social sciences, humanities and economic disciplines (preferably, but not exclusively) with a good command of English.

Selection criteria: please, prepare a two-paragraph motivation letter and a CV. Extracurricular activities to be mentioned in the CV and are an important part of the selection criteria.

Application deadline: 30 October 2021

Application contacts: matus.misikuniba.skenlightuniba.sk  (please, include both contacts into your application)