After mobility

The student will upload into the Mobility online system (within 30 days of the end of the mobility) Part 3 of Learning agreement – after mobility.


Report: the student completes a report via the Beneficiary Module after returning from the mobility. Each student will automatically receive an email (to the email address specified in the Grant Agreement) – a reminder to complete the report, one day after the date set as the mobility end date. The reports are generated by the system for each student separately. The student is obliged to fill in the report after returning from mobility otherwise the student may be sanctioned according to the Grant Agreement, Article 7.

Online Language Support (OLS): the student is required to complete an online language assessment before departure. By signing the Grant Agreement, mobility participants undertake to pay the necessary attention to their language learning, making use of the OLS language assessment and courses before (and, if relevant, during) the mobility period, if such access has been granted. Participants on mobility of more than 14 days within EU Member States are required to undertake an initial assessment in the mobility language before their departure.