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New rules: Summary

19. 04. 2021 14.07 hod.
By: External Relations Office CU

The Permanent Crisis Staff of Comenius University Bratislava closely monitors changing public measures aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19 and has analysed several future scenarios. The likeliest scenario established after a meeting with CU Rector, Marek Števček, is the following:

• TUITION: The rest of this semester will be taught remotely, apart from studies which have an exception. We will attempt to catch up on essential lab exercises and practice.

• TESTS AND STATE EXAMS: We’ll test in person where possible, and as a rule in those study programmes where personal exams are necessary.

• GRADUATION CEREMONIES: They are under consideration: safety is a priority.

• WINTER SEMESTER: We will do everything to make sure at least a part of the university can operate on-site.


• CHECK-OUT: We’ll allow it, as soon as national measures loosen up and the curfew is lifted.

• SUMMER ACCOMMODATION: It will, unfortunately, remain unavailable, except for those enrolled in practice or courses. Student dormitories need to carry out the maintenance which was postponed during the curfew.

• FROM SEPTEMBER ONWARDS: We hope accommodation will be possible, though at a reduced capacity (we will set aside more self-isolation rooms).


ATTENTION: At least until 28. April, 2021 the measures do not permit students to travel to the dormitories or schools unless their course has a curfew exception (General Medicine Years 4, 5, 6; Nursing 2, 3; Midwifery 2, 3; Dentistry 4, 5, 6; Pharmacy 4, 5; Public Health 2, 3; Health Sciences 2, 3). Further changes will depend on epidemic situation. Many thanks to all of you who behave responsibly!