Important Progress in Medical Doctors' Education

Bratislava, 13 June 2023: Comenius University Bratislava and Bratislava University Hospital (UNB) reached an agreement on practical training of medical students and on the position of clinic managers. On 13 June 2023, CU Rector, Marek Števček, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Juraj Payer, and UNB Director, Alexander Mayer, signed the Contract on Practical Teaching and the Contract on the selection of specialized educational facility managers.

16. 06. 2023 10.40 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

The contract on practical teaching regulates the conditions of the teaching of undergraduates and postgraduates, defines the clinic and specifies the position of the clinic manager in relation to the Faculty of Medicine and the UNB. Additional aspects are regulated by the Contract on the selection of specialized educational facility managers in which the parties negotiate unified conditions of the selection procedure. The contracts were approved by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

Mutual relations were governed by contracts dating back to 2014 which no longer reflect the current legislation. "I am pleased that we patched this legal vacuum which has existed for a long time. We can now hold competitions for the posts of managers, whose task is to support university research and science, as well as university education. That’s where I see the greatest benefit of these updated contracts," said CU Rector, Marek Števček.

Negotiations about the contracts lasted several years. "The Faculty of Medicine cannot function without the university hospital and vice versa. The unifying element is the clinic manager who is responsible for science, research and teaching, but also for the provision of health care. The post ensures a symbiosis between the two institutions," responded Juraj Payer, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

“Comenius University and the Bratislava University Hospital jointly manage over 30 clinical sites. Every managing post must be clearly defined and the manager must be clearly appointed because this affects the operation of the entire site and the employees. The contracts ensure that the managers’ level of academic education is maintained," said UNB Director, Alexander Mayer.

The contracts also specify the mutual relationship that affects accreditation and all joint projects.