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The University has Five New Professors

On 29 April, 2021, the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová appointed 27 new professors. Five of them are from Comenius University Bratislava.

03. 05. 2021 17.09 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

In her speech, the President said that social sciences and humanities should be understood as more than just the preparation of employees for certain specific job positions. “As teachers in the social sciences and humanities you know best that your role is to cultivate thinking people with a robust value foundation who not only can form their own opinion about matters, but know how support it with arguments and have the moral strength to defend it in confrontation with other opinions. Such people are capable of making it beyond the field in which they receive their tuition and degree; they will make it wherever the ability to actively seek, creatively process and apply information in practice is valued.”

The President emphasised that we expect the social sciences and their representatives to offer their expertise in public policy-making and apply it towards identifying the greatest civilizational challenges facing the republic. 

The newly appointed professors at Comenius University Bratislava include:

  • Assoc. Prof. PaedDr. JCDr. Róbert Brtko, CSc., Roman Law, Faculty of Law, Comenius University,
  • Assoc. Prof. JUDr. Katarína Kalesná, CSc., Commercial and Financial Law, Faculty of Law, Comenius University,
  • Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Juraj Šedivý, MAS, PhD., Auxiliary Sciences of History, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University,
  • Assoc. Prof. JUDr. Juraj Vačok, PhD., Administrative law, Faculty of Law, Comenius University,
  • Assoc. Prof. Ing. Dušan Velič, DrSc., Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University.

The previous occasion on which the President of the Slovak Republic appointed three professors at Comenius University was on 22 April, 2021.