CU signs a memorandum with UNICEF

On 1 December 2023, Comenius University signed a memorandum of understanding with UNICEF. It forms an important part of the partnership between UNICEF and Comenius University. Under the memorandum, training will be provided to refugee camp employees and volunteers, and Ukrainian health workers will benefit from language courses.

12. 12. 2023 14.26 hod.
By: External Relation Office CU

In the memorandum, CU expresses its commitment to cooperate with UNICEF in providing assistance to refugees from Ukraine. As part of this commitment, language courses will be available to Ukrainian health workers, social workers in detention centres will be offered training, and children and families affected by the war in Ukraine will receive assistance.

UNICEF and Comenius University will work together in a partnership to develop the capacity of students and professionals to address the needs of children and refugees. The assistance will focus on child protection, education, health care, mental health care, mental and social support and social protection. The university also committed to cooperate with UNICEF on the training of workers in facilities for refugees. Additionally, CU will do its utmost to offer language courses to Ukrainian health professionals, teachers, and instructors, while involving its students in these activities. Other initiatives include workshops for students on how to communicate sensitively with children from war-affected areas.

"I am convinced that the memorandum is a reflection of our growing and developing partnership. Our colleagues responsible for child protection have been in close contact from the very start. Then the people working in health care realised we really needed to cooperate with your experts from CU’s Faculty of Medicine to attract Ukrainian paediatricians and help them with the recognition of their credentials. The memorandum is a sign that this cooperation has room to grow. Comenius University has become our important partner," said Michaela Bauer, coordinator of Slovakia’s UNICEF Emergency Response Office.

"I am very pleased that our cooperation has been beneficial to both sides and that a memorandum was signed that is of great importance to the whole university. I am grateful for the support and I'm happy that UNICEF staff were willing to help interlink practical experience with research, and involve our students in the process. This project will enable our students to gain valuable experience," said Katarína Žilková, dean of the Faculty of Education of Comenius University.

The cooperation between CU and the UNICEF will be operational until 30 August, 2024.