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BioHub Slovakia will help you write ERC grants

ERC Grant Writing Workshop - March 20, 2020 in the Comenius University Science Park. Register now!

02. 03. 2020 09.37 hod.

AIM: ERC Starting,  and Consolidator and Advanced Grants. This training aims to support you in the process of writing a proposal for the ERC calls, with a particular focus on Life Sciences, Biomedicine and Health area. Supported by case examples and exercises, we will address the below topics:


  • Basic principles and updates
  • ERC grants from the Perspective of the ERC Executive Agency
  • Tips for a successful ERC Proposal: How do I structure the application? How do I present my CV and track record?
  • Lunchbreak - Refreshment and informal networking
  • Experiences from a successful ERC grantees
  • Wearing an Evaluator’s hat


Soňa Ftáčniková, Iveta Hermanovská, both SLOVAK NCP OFFICE HORIZON 2020, CVTI SR

Philippe Cupers, ERC, Head of Unit, ERCEA.B.3 - Life Sciences

Jan Tkáč, Chemistry Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Shubhada Bopegamage, Head of Microbiology Institute, Slovak Medical University

Daniela Ježová, Biomedical Research Center, Slovak Academy of Sciences


DATE / TIME Mar 20, 2020; 10:30 - 15:30

GROUP SIZE 40-50 people