Sofia Šillerová will represent Slovakia as a delegate at the UN

17 June 2024, Slovakia

21. 06. 2024 10.24 hod.


Slovakia has a new youth delegate at the United Nations (UN). For the year 2024/2025, Sofia Šillerová, a student at the Faculty of Law of Comenius University, Bratislava, will be the new delegate. She is 23 years old and comes from Nitra, she is a student of the joint economics and law study programme.

She will be going to New York on a business trip.

"After a year, the outgoing delegate Pavol Beblavý will hand over his mission to represent Slovak youth at the UN, and in turn to represent the UN in Slovakia, to the next 12th delegate of Slovakia," informs the National Institute of Education and Youth (NIVaM). The new youth delegate was decided by a commission including the NIVaM, the Ministries of Education and Diplomacy, the Youth Council of Slovakia and the outgoing youth delegate Pavol Beblavý.

Šillerová should take up her mandate in July, starting with a business trip to the UN General Assembly in New York. During the year, however, she will also have youth meetings, which should be organised by the NIVaM regional youth work coordinators. The new youth delegate should also devote herself to ensuring the continuation of cooperation with youth delegates of other UN states.

She became the voice of youth.

"I am very proud that I managed to visit more than 25 schools in Slovakia, although I had originally planned to visit only 10. I was very happy to see how young people's interest and knowledge about the UN increased directly through my actions," summed up the outgoing delegate Beblavý. He added that he was grateful for the experience and knowledge he had gained. His successor, Šillerová, said that she was honored to have become the voice of young people from Slovakia.

"It will be a big change for me and a challenge at the same time as I am entering my final year of studies. This year, I will have to adapt to it in every way, but I am already looking forward to it," she added.

As stated by NIVaM, she convinced the jury both with a high degree of representativeness and with her ability to "connect the transnational activities of the UN with key topics of youth in Slovak regions".

Source:  SITA