Bratislava, 19 May 2023: What is it like to experience a university lecture? High school students can now pay a visit to the university and try out the role of university students before applying. Comenius University Bratislava opens its doors for two days and will host lectures on interesting topics from various fields, aiming to help secondary school students decide about their future study. On Tuesday 23 May, and Monday 29 May during secondary school graduation weeks, those who are not taking tests can have a taste of university life. Events begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Moyzes Hall of the Faculty of Arts and in the Amphitheatre of the Faculty of Law.

22. 05. 2023 13.34 hod.
By: CU External Reltions Office

During secondary school graduation week, schools have to keep junior students busy while seniors are taking their final exams. This is the perfect opportunity for Comenius University to show junior students how interesting further study can be and to let them try it themselves.

On the first day of the event, lectures in physics, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and ethics are offered. Junior students can choose lectures in two locations depending on their interests. They can learn what microwaves and X-rays have in common; how important regular physical activity is; or how conflicts between genders evolved in the past.

Next Monday, they can listen to lectures on pedagogy, public policy, law or artificial intelligence. The two locations, Moyzes Hall and the ‘Amphitheatre’ of the Faculty of Law, will simultaneously host the following lectures: ChatGPT and similar large language models inside and out; Terraforming a habitable planet; The heroes of tragedies are always ordinary people; or From plant to medicine.

Those, who are undecided about their future study, can learn more at presentation stands of individual faculties in the vestibule of the university.

„Our university has been opening its doors to potential future students for eight years now. I am pleased that as the largest university we contribute to generating interest in certain fields thanks to our excellent lecturers. Secondary school students can now experience university for themselves, and in a few years they may choose to send applications to our university,“ says the Rector of Comenius University Marek Števček.