Bratislava, 15 May, 2024: Comenius University Bratislava has been supporting the research of young scientists though CU’s Young Researchers’ Grants for 28 years. In this year, young researchers could also apply for CU’s Excellent grants financed from the Recovery Plan.

11. 06. 2024 10.43 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

CU Young Researchers’ grants

This year, the usual CU grant call attracted 346 applications, and 147 young researchers were selected for grant funding. Each project can receive 750 or 1000 euros from CU’s Development Fund. The money needs to be spent by 15 December 2024.

One of the projects that received a Young Researchers’ Grant was that of Tatiana Hess from the Faculty of Arts. In her project the author studies the intimate life of women who suffer from anorexia nervosa. The aim of the project is to survey a sample of Slovak and Czech adult female respondents diagnosed with anorexia nervosa using an online questionnaires and subsequent qualitative interviews.

Another selected project, of Dagmar Majerechová from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, studies the subjective well-being of pupils with special educational needs. In her research, she examines how these children feel at elementary schools and how certain identified interventions could contribute to an improvement of their experience in the school environment.

Marek Adamkovič from the Faculty of Law of Comenius University examines the possibilities and boundaries of the use of criminal law in the fight against disinformation, in terms of its effectiveness, proportionality, legitimacy and compatibility with human rights and the principles of the rule of law.

CU Excellent Grants

This year, for the first time, CU’s Rector Marek Števček was awarding CU Excellent Grants. The funding for this scheme comes from the Early stage grants of the Recovery Plan. PhD students submitted 262 applications, 84 out of which will be selected by CU to receive up to 6,000 euros.

One of the successful applicants to receive an Excellent Grant was Iryna Beikun from the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Her research focuses on the experimental and methodical evaluation of selected procedures for measuring water infiltration into the soil. In her project she monitors the suitability of various methods or their combinations, for different soils located in certain typical geoecologic situations.

PhD student Jakub Krcho from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics examines selected methods of student evaluation in educational robotics. He plans to identify and assess these evaluation methods during the teaching process at various schools.

In the field of humanities, one of the approved applicants was Patrícia Sára Šimková from the Evangelical Lutheran Theological Faculty whose project aims to develop a comparative study and implementation of innovative and effective psychotherapeutic techniques in the pastoral care for the sick in Slovakia.

"CU grants are a good opportunity to support the creative research work of young researchers at our alma mater. I am pleased that this year the financial support will also be extended to include Excellent Grants from the Recovery Plan. I believe that this investment will yield a profit in the form of high-quality research output and will motivate young researchers in their further research." said CU’s Rector Marek Števček.

This year once again, the highest number of successful applicants in both grant schemes were from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, followed by the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine.

The purpose of CU grants is to support scientific, pedagogical and artistic projects of internal PhD researchers. The Rector awards grants after a proposal by CU’s Grant Commission whose members are appointed by him. They are supported by the Office of Scientific Research and PhD Studies of the Rectorate.

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