Monograph from the project "European Union and the Challenges of Modern Society"

13 June 2024, Faculty of Law, CU Bratislava

18. 06. 2024 09.31 hod.



We are pleased to announce that the monograph entitled "Legal Issues of Digitalisation, Robotisation and Cyber Security in the Light of the EU" has been published from the project called "European Union and the Challenges of Modern Society (legal issues of digitalization, robotization, cybersecurity and prevention of hybrid threats)".

The monograph summarizes the work of top experts in the field of digital technologies and their impact on law. Among the authors of the monograph there are also our employees, who are members of the research project team as well:

·        Professor Blažo with the chapter "Private Enforcement of the Digital Markets Act: Filling Holes and Creating New Ones in Harmonized Enforcement"

·        Associate Professor Andraško with the chapter "Cyber Security of Automated and Fully Automated Vehicles – New Legal Instruments"

·        Associate Professor Patakyová with the chapter "Pricing Algorithms and Anticompetitive Agreements"

·        Professor Yuliia Vashchenko with the chapter "Energy Sector Digitalization: Issues of Cybersecurity in the EU and Ukraine"