Accomodation in academic year 2023/2024

Room selection throgh the accommodation system has ended. All students who did not recieve accommodation or did not participate in room selection can find out about accommodation options on the websites of specific accommodation facilities and submit their request there.

Advance deposit

All payments credited to the central deposit account after 25/07/2023 are being returned as erroneous payment to the accounts from which they came.

Send a request for a refund of the advance deposit due to the payment of the advance payment and the withdrawal of your application for accommodation by 20 July 2023 or the incorrect payment of the advance payment to continuing students from your university e-mail account together with statement/iddentification of the payment to

All other payments should be directed to the dormitory account specified in your accommodation contract.

Accommodation process

The rules governing the accommodation process can be found in the Rector's directive for the Accommodation Process for the Academic Year 2023/2024.

Annexes to the Directive:

Annex no. 1 - Details of accommodation conditions for applicants with specific needs

Annex no. 2 - Scoring criteria of quality and social situation of the applicant

Annex no. 3 - Notification of accommodation allocation

Annex no. 4 - Accommodation schedule

If you have questions about accommodation process, you can contact CePIT.

As part of the protection of personal data, information regarding other persons will not be provided.