Training offer

Our support and training is offered to all employees and PhD students at Comenius University. Training sessions are offered free of charge, and they take place in either a face-to-face setting in the old rectorate building, room No. sb-11, or online via MS Teams.

New Employees

  • Time: 3,5 hours
  • Participans: all new Comenius University employees who need to become familiar with our ICT systems and basic processes at the University.
  • What this session includes: an information package and the basic skills needed to use the applications at Comenius University that each employee has access to. This session also includes a section that discusses personal data protection under GDPR.

We will focus on our ICT systems that are accessible to each Comenius University employee. We will share all information necessary for new users. Guidance on protection of personal data is also a part of this training.

Instruction on Personal Data Protection

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Participants: all new Comenius University employees and all other employees who want to know about procedures for handling personal data at Comenius University.
  • What this session includes: instructions on personal data protection procedures and a document titled ‘Instructions’ for personal data recipients that will be a part of your personal file.

During this class we will discuss the basic principles of personal data protection and procedures on how to apply them at Comenius University.

MS Forms

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Participants: Suitable for all who need to create and conduct tests.
  • What this session includes: how to create a test in MS Forms and how to share it with others.

During this session we will focus on creating tests in the MS Forms application. We will pay attention to different types of questions, various test settings, the process of sharing tests with others and the evaluation of tests.


The Training Center at Comenius University also provides specialized consultations for certain groups of users or departments. We provide training focused on particular problems or Information Technology skills Comenius University employees need for their work. If you are interested in a consultation or advice, contact us at