Setting up Eduroam on Windows 8.1 and 10

1. Click with your right mouse button on icon representing the internet connection.

2. Open “Network and Sharing Center” 

3. In the Network and Sharing Center click on “Set up a new connection or network”

4. Select “Manually connect to a wireless network” from the four possible options.

5. It is necessary to enter the network name “eduroam” (all lowercase) in order to create a new wireless network.

6. In the field Security type, select "WPA2-Enterprise". When this security type is selected, the option “Start this connection automatically” becomes selected automatically.

7. The eduroam network has been now successfully added between computer’s wifi networks, but it is still necessary to change it’s setting by clicking on “Change connection settings”

8. A new window titled “Wireless network eduroam” will open. The first step is opening of tab “Security”, in which is already preset Security type (WPA2-Enterprise) and encryption type (AES).

9. By clicking on button “Settings”  (step2) opens another window (Protected EAP – properties).

10. In the next step is necessary to UNCHECK the option “Verify server’s identity using a certificate” (step3)

11. By clicking on button “Configure” (step 4) is opened another window, in which it is necessary to UNCHECK only one option “Automatically use windows credentials (and domain, if exists)” (step 5)

12. Subsequently, it is necessary to click OK, which are labeled as number 6 and 7 in the picture.

13. Opening of tab Security should be completed successfully after step 8. Therefore, we will move directly to point 2 of the following picture and begin with clicking on “Advanced settings”.

14. This will open a new window “Advanced settings” in which is necessary to CHECK the option “Specify authentication mode”

15. Subsequently should appear options in the top half of current window. According to point 4 we select “User authentication”

16. The next step is clicking on “Save credentials” (point 5). In this step appears a smaller window Windows Security , in which it is necessary to enter Your login (the same you use for AiS2) and password for the eduroam network (CAUTION!!! This password is different form the password for Ais2)*

17. Click on OK three times (points 7, 8, 9) and if the settings were correct, the eduroam network will be available to You if you are in range.

*The user name is your login name in IIKS UK (login from AIS2). If you log abroad for login name should be shown If you do not know your access code, please contact CePIT (Centre for IT support at UK) at 02/59244944 between 07:00 and 20:00 every workday, between 09:00 and 12:00 on weekends.