Public transport discounts for students

Activation or prolongation of public transport discount isn't mandatory, as not all students are eligible. Individual transport companies' conditions vary, please check with the companies you travel with the most to find out what they require (e.g. verification of your studies, issuing of a separate chip card by the company etc.).

Ubian is a service that covers the most prominent public transport companies. In order to activate your student's discount for your Student's ID Card, follow the steps on this page.

How to activate public transport discount on your Student's ID Card

  1. Check if your online enrollment is validated by your study department.
  2. Log in on and register your Student's ID Card
  3. Pay the discount activation fee
  4. Place your Student's ID Card on the UNITerminal (to activate and prolong the discount)

1. Check if your online enrollment is validated by your study department

  1. Log into AIS (academic information system)
  2. Click on Studies overview in the menu
  3. In the List of studies, you should already have your current study activated
  4. With your current study activated, check your Registration. If the registration for the current academic year has a date listed under Enrollment AND the Check. attribute is set to "Y", then your enrollment, your enrollment is validated and everything is OK.

2. Log in on and register your Student's ID Card

  1. Log in (if you don't have an account yet, register) on (this service is not provided by the university, you are free to use any e-mail and password you like)
  2. After logging in, add your Student's ID Card under "I have a transport card" (Mám dopravnú kartu).
  3. Fill in your Student's ID Card's serial number (SNR), your first name (Meno) and last name (Priezvisko) and name your card (so you can identify it in case you have multiple cards in Ubian).
  4. Use your university login and password (that you use for AIS or Moodle) to confirm transfer of your personal data from the university (i.e. your student's status, date of enrollment etc.). All relevant information will be then automatically released to Ubian.

3. Pay the discount activation fee

This fee is paid to an external supplier of an optional service, it is charged in addition to the admission procedure fees, Student's ID Card issue fee or prolongation stamp fee.

  1. The system will assess whether you are eligible for a transport discount for this academic year. If so, it will offer you the option to pay a €3.60 fee to extend the transport discount duration on your Student's ID Card.
  2. You can pay the fee securely by bank card.
  3. After the payment will have been processed, the Student's ID Card status in Ubian will display that the transport discount fee is PAID, but the validity of the discount is INACTIVE (=your Student's ID Card's chip does not containt the information yet).

4. Place your Student's ID Card on the UNITerminal

  1. To write the necessary data onto your Card's chip, place your Student's ID Card on the university terminal or any terminal in the UNITerminal network. The terminal will write the updated discount duration as well as other necessary information on the chip.
  2. After logging in on , the information about your Student's ID Card will display the dates of discount validity for this academic year as ACTIVE (=your Card's chip contains discount information and is ready to use).

Activation and prolongation of the Student's ID Card is required by the law. Students shall activate their card by placing the Card on the university terminal on the school's premises regardless of whether they want to use it for transport discount.

Information about your Student's ID Card in Ubian

  • Duration of validity of your discount – this information is automatically transferred after signing in with your university login and password.
    • The discount is valid from the day your study department validates you online enrollment (or at most 24 hours after), but not sooner than 1 September 
    • The discount is valid until 30 September of the following year. Graduating year students' discount is valid until 30 June of the particular academic year.
    • Discount for train and bus transportation may have different durations of validity, as different companies may have different conditions.
  • In Ubian, the text INACTIVE (NEAKTÍVNA) in the status of your discount means, that your card does not yet contain the necessary data and you need to place the card on the UNITerminal (see step 3 on this page). If both your discount and card are ready to go, the status will be ACTIVE (AKTÍVNA).