University login and password

University password

Your university password (the one you use to access, for instance, the AIS) serves as a primary means of verification of your identity in communication with the university. You will need it to access many of the university systems, so please remember it well and use it safely:

  • never tell your password to anyone and don't send it by e-mail
  • use your password only on university pages (addresses that end with
  • if you think your password might have "leaked", change it immediately
  • Commenius University will NEVER ask for your password! Don't share it with anyone!

How to change your password?

  1.  If you know your password, you can change it on this page 
  2. If you don't know your password and our database contains your mobile phone number, you can reset it via SMS 
  3. If resetting your password via SMS isn't possible, please contact your password administrator (each faculty has at least one). Here is a list of faculty password administrators. You must stop by personally and have some form of identification (university or student ID card, passport) ready. Don't ask the password administrator to tell you your new password on the phone or send it via e-mail, university policy prohibits them from doing so.