Certification authority

Comenius University uses worldwide recognized certificates on their servers. These certificates are granted by European Certification Services via European network. Usually you should not encounter any problems, so there is no action required on your side. For special cases we provide certificates and revocations in the following files.  


Root certificate of the CU certification authority(RCA) (DER)(PEM)

  • SHA1 Fingerprint=43:B0:B6:73:AA:32:33:0A:F0:93:4D:2B:AE:7D:CB:11:1C:1F:BB:32
  • Validity: 1.12.2004 - 26.11.2024

Certificate of the CU server certification authority (DER)(PEM)

  • SHA1 Fingerprint=2E:1D:61:D4:31:F5:CE:AE:12:CD:9A:79:AA:E2:B3:70:31:52:97:46
  • Validity: 29.11.2014 – 26.11.2024

Certificate of the CU personal certification authority (DER)(PEM)

  •  SHA1 Fingerprint=5D:7C:3E:07:D8:75:80:43:D9:A3:A6:CB:38:D1:48:30:09:B3:E9:D1
  • Validity: 19.3.2018 – 25.10.2024


If browser warn you about untrusted certificate, follow the instructions for installing certificate to your web browser.

If you have any other questions or demands you can contact us on cauniba.sk

Revocation lists

  • List of revoked RCA certificates (CRL)(PEM)
  • List of revoked Web server certificates (CRL)(PEM)
  • List of revoked Personal certificates (CRL)(PEM)