Basic security awareness course in IT field

Who is this course for?

The course is mandatory (article 25. Of internal regulation CU 12/2009) for all personnel, who work with personal data or other sensitive data, implement any financial transactions or work in university units as director’s or dean’s assistants. If you received a course invitation, it’s probably because you have to pass the course. Everyone can visit any optional courses.

List of nearest courses:

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    Venue: CU Faculty of Law, Office number 1. (ground floor in new building, against the lift)

    What if I can’t make it?

    If you can’t join any course from the list, contact us at and we will invite you to the nearest course.

    What is the course of study?

    • What is information security and what is it good for?
    • Most common attacks and protection against them
    • How to protect your password?
    • How to identify fraud in personal/phone/email communication?
    • Suspicious www links
    • Personal computer protection
    • Most common fraud examples
    • Electronic signature
    • Access rights

    What do I have to know?

    Almost nothing. It’s good if you have basic knowledge about work with computers, internet and electronic mailbox.

    Where can I find more information?

    Contact us at address

    How to register for courses?

    You have to fill the electronic registration on this page (slovak only).

    For log in, use your University login and password (the one you use to access, for instance, the AIS). If you forget your login or password, contact your faculty password administrator.

    If you have any problems with course registration, you can contact or our lecturer Katarína Révayová (02/59244 627)