On 6 July 2016, the first Wednesday of the summer holidays, the 14th edition of Children’s Comenius University was opened. For around 350 young students, this occasion marked the start of a summer full of new and interesting information along with a rich guided programme of events. The first lecture was preceded by a ceremonial matriculation ceremony which was attended by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, Professor Peter Plavčan; and the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic, Peter Kažimír.

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Children’s Comenius University was opened by University Rector Professor Karol Mičieta in Bratislava: “Dear friends, I am very glad that you have decided to seek answers to your questions with us, and I am sure that you will continue in asking questions and having them answered even after our summertime children’s university has finished. I am convinced that you have decided for the best thing that these holidays can provide you with: new knowledge, a wealth of answers to your questions, new experiences, new friends, and a whole lot of fun. Here in Slovakia, Children’s Comenius University is now a source of knowledge and information alongside the Internet in general, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube and the media. Today you will start to help create what Children’s Comenius University represents. It is maybe right here in our historic Auditorium that your own journey of study, gaining knowledge and research will start. You are at the beginning of a big and breath-taking adventure.”

Professor Plavčan also said a few words to the assembled children: “You have a lot of luck, and you are also clever; you will experience a wonderful two months. When I saw the programme, I was rather envious that I could not take part in it myself.”

“Thank you for choosing to spend your holidays studying. I also wish to thank the parents, who have made this possible,” said the Arena Theatre’s director, Juraj Kukura.

Peter Kažimír then gave the university’s first lecture on Why Money Ruins People’s Character. “Money is supposed to be a means, not a way,” he said, pointing out that just having a lot of money does not necessarily mean you have integrity or moral fibre; the important thing is how we handle money and how we acquire it. He also explained to the children what words like “deficit”, “state budget”, and “tax” mean. The children also learnt what influences currency exchange rates as well as what customs duty is for.

The Children’s Comenius University Programme

More information about the 14th edition of Children’s Comenius University will be presented in the September issue of Naša univerzita.

The photo gallery is on Comenius University’s Facebook page.