On Monday 4 July 2016 there will be a ceremonial opening of the Summer university of Slovak language and culture for Slovak expatriates and foreigners. This three-week educational programme, lasting from 4 July to 22 July, is organized by the Centre for Continuing Education at Comenius University and focuses on the teaching of both the basics and proficiency in the Slovak language.

30. 06. 2016 13.37 hod.
Od: CU Public Relations Office

The 26th edition of this event will take place in Bratislava on Žižkova Street. Slovak language teachers from the Centre for Continuing Education’s language and specialized training programme for foreigners and expatriates will pass their knowledge on to ninety foreigners from twenty countries including Brazil, Denmark, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, Vietnam, South Korea, Argentina, and the United States. Most of the participants are expatriates who are descendants of Slovaks living abroad. The largest number of students (27) is from Ukraine.

In addition to an intensive language course, the students will broaden their horizons in Slovak linguistics and literature as well as in the history and culture of Slovakia and Bratislava. In addition to tuition and lessons in phonetics, they will have the opportunity to communicate in Slovak in conversation lessons, workshops, and specialized seminars. The programme includes creative workshops, visits to musuems, a guided tour of Bratislava, events as a part of the Cultural Summer, excursions, presentations of Slovak art, and meetings with significant personalities of the scientific and cultural community. The rich programme of extra-currriculur activities will once again include a three-day excursion around selected regions of Slovakia.

At the end of the programme there will be a ceremonial event in the evening of Thursday 21 July 2016 which will include performances by students and the awarding of certificates of completion by the Comenius University Rector Prof. Karol Mičieta. This event will also be attended by members of Comenius University’s executive body; representatives of the Office for Slovaks Living Abroad; representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic; representatives of embassies of the countries where the participants come from; and other important guests. “I am sure that the summer university will enrich all students who take part, giving them new knowledge about the Slovak language as well as the history and culture of the Slovak people,” said Dr Janka Chládecká, the director of the Centre for Continuing Education.