Bratislava, 10 October 2017: Today Comenius University’s Faculty of Pharmacy celebrated its 65th anniversary in the Comenius University Auditorium. This occasion saw the faculty award commemorative medals to partner institutions as well as individuals.

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“Sixty-five years ago, the Faculty of Pharmacy began a new chapter in higher education in Slovakia, and today it is one of our best institutions. It has a significant amount of science and research potential and is recognized as a prestigious institution in Slovakia as well as internationally. The faculty has maintained a stable position as a prominent institution among Slovakia’s medical faculties in evaluations by the Academic Ranking and Rating Agency. It is the third largest faculty at Comenius University and has the largest number of international students thanks to its study programme in the English language, which helps Comenius University’s internationalization. It also contributes to the top-level scientific performance of our university,” said Comenius University Rector, Professor Karol Mičieta.

The Faculty of Pharmacy currently has eleven departments and offers higher education at three levels of study. “The practical tuition of students is specific and has included the completion of a compulsory six-month course of pharmaceutical work experience since 2004 as a part of tuition at university facilities (the university and faculty pharmacy) as well as public pharmacies,” said the faculty’s dean, Professor Pavel Mučaji. “Over the last 65 years the faculty has undergone a lot of development and has built a reputation for itself both nationally and internationally, which it will strive to maintain and develop so that future generations of pharmacists will be ready and able to perform the roles and meet the demands and challenges of the environment they will be working in,” the faculty’s dean said.

At the event, Dr Matej Petrovič, the general director of the pharmacy and medical section of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, addressed the academic community and emphasized the importance and irreplaceable role of pharmacists. “I wish the faculty all the best in implementing innovations as it celebrates its anniversary,” he said. The faculty was also addressed by Dr Ondrej Sukeľ, the president of the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists; Ivo Krpelan from Falck; and Dr Tomislav Jurik from Unipharma.

The event saw commemorative medals awarded by the faculty to members of the Comenius University executive as well as representatives of the university’s faculties, the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Medical Association, pharmaceutical companies, and other personalities.

The Faculty of Pharmacy was established by the Slovak University upon the basis of Government Regulation 40/1952 on Changes to Universities on 19 August 1952 with effect from 1 September 1952. The faculty’s first dean was Professor Ľudovít Krasnec. 

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